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Welcome to, the home of bwProductions. Here, you'll likely find nothing of interest. Nonetheless, enjoy your stay!

Pardon our dust...

In preparation for sweeping changes to come, some sections of have been temporarily closed. If you clicked on one of our links and were redirected here, chances are, you tried to access a closed section. Life's a bitch, isn't it?

[ Posted: 2011-08-24 @ 7:01pm by blackwind - 0 Comment(s) ]

RELEASE: Yawtzee 1.60

Hey, look -- it's Yawtzee 1.60 with Windows 7 support! Better late than never, right?

[ Posted: 2011-04-11 @ 5:32pm by blackwind - 0 Comment(s) ]

RELEASE: PODium 2.26

PODium 2.26 has been released, it corrects a few long-standing issues, yadda yadda yadda, I never heard from her again.

[ Posted: 2007-12-03 @ 1:19pm by blackwind - 0 Comment(s) ]

RELEASE: Yawtzee 1.50

It took many the hour, but I've just released Yawtzee 1.50 with full Windows Vista support! Because this version requires a new dependency that you almost certainly don't have, you'll need to download the full installer this time around. If you grab the update and it doesn't work, don't say I didn't warn you.

Ah, Vista -- how I hate thee.

[ Posted: 2007-07-22 @ 6:43pm by blackwind - 0 Comment(s) ]

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