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Current Projects


Welcome to the projects section. Here, you'll find two types of projects: supported and unsupported.

"Supported Projects" are our flagship works; the creme de la creme; the reason you're here. These projects are labeled as such because they are -- wait for it... -- supported! I'll be happy to answer any and all questions that arrive in our support inbox. Additionally, new versions of these programs will continue to trickle out as long as I'm still kickin'.

"Unsupported Projects" consist of random BS I've tossed together over the years that someone somewhere might find useful or interesting. It should be noted that these projects come with no documentation whatsoever. Each zip contains *only* the files necessary to run the program. The good news? Unless you're a complete dunce, you won't *need* documentation. I've designed these programs to be as straight-forward as possible. The bad news? If you can't figure it out, you're on your own.

Supported Projects

  • PODium - The ULTIMATE MTM2 & 4x4 EVO toolbox
  • Reload Plus - Firefox add-on that alters "Reload" behavior
  • Yawtzee - Everyone's favorite board game... ONLINE!

Unsupported Projects

Discontinued Projects

  • bnChat - (v1) chat client, which, because the initial iteration of has been retired, no longer works
  • bridge.exe - Stephen Colbert's ticket to victory in the Megyeri Bridge naming poll, which is now closed

Special Notice

The Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 is required to run many of these applications. Those of you on Vista or above will already have it; everyone else is in for a 22.4mb download.


Let it be known that each and every application offered on this site comes without ANY warranty whatsoever. These files have been tested and retested a thousand times over, but shit *has* been known to happen. In the event that it does, I cannot and will not be held responsible. By downloading anything from, you automatically agree to these terms.