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Yawtzee is a PC rendition of the popular board game "Yahtzee" with extensive statistics tracking and online multiplayer features!

Feature List

  • Compatible with all versions of Windows from 95 to present.
  • Super-slick bwProductions-style interface.
  • Multiplayer support for eight players via the Internet.
  • IRC-style chat. Control codes are supported.
  • Statistics and high scores. Global rankings coming soon.

License Type

Yawtzee is donationware. This means that, while you are free to use it in any way you see fit for as long as you want, you are encouraged to donate to the cause. To do so, open the "Help" menu within Yawtzee, choose "About", and click the "Donate!" button. Anything you can spare will do!

Latest Changelog

  • Added: Windows 7 support has been added. In theory, Windows 8 should be a go as well.
  • Changed: Online Statistics have been reformatted in a slightly more professional manner.
  • Fixed: Yawtzee now accepts connections on all available interfaces. This is a good thing.
  • Fixed: Yawtzee no longer crashes when the "Bonus" row is clicked.
  • Fixed: Some less-than-adequate resizing behavior has been polished.
  • Removed: MIDI music support (much like MIDI music itself) has gone the way of the dodo. DirectX is no longer required to run Yawtzee.


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