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PODium is the ultimate configuration/editing tool for TRI's popular Monster Truck Madness and 4x4 Evolution games. If you can dream it, chances are, PODium can do it!

Feature List

  • Compatible with all versions of Windows from 95 to present.
  • Super-slick bwProductions-style interface.
  • Compatible with all TRI games based on the POD.INI format.
  • Configurator for deleting drivers, changing localization files, and enabling secrets in MTM2.
  • Extractor for extracting files from PODs and exporting POD listings to a file. Supports the POD1 and POD2 file formats.
  • Mounter for mounting PODs for use with MTM1/2, EVO1/2, and any other game that uses the MTM2 POD.INI format. Much more advanced than any other mounter available, all without sacrificing ease of use.
  • Palette viewer for viewing 768 byte palettes.
  • Track downloader to aid in the finding and downloading of the latest and greatest MTM2 tracks.
  • Track converter for converting tracks between Drag, Circuit, Rally, Rumble, and Bomb Tag modes. Ever wanted to play a game of 4x4 Evolution Bomb Tag in MTM2's Arena Rumble? Now you can!
  • Truck compatiblizer for converting 4x4 Evolution 2 trucks into a format that, in some cases, works in 4x4 Evolution 1.

License Type

PODium is donationware. This means that, while you are free to use it in any way you see fit for as long as you want, you are encouraged to donate to the cause. To do so, open the "Help" menu within PODium, choose "About", and click the "Donate!" button. Anything you can spare will do!

Latest Changelog

  • Changed: PODium now searches all subdirectories in your game folder for POD files.
  • Fixed: Selecting multiple items through the browse dialog now works as expected.


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